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Portable Iron Mosquito Coil

Burning mosquito coil safely and conveniently

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Metal coil mosquito repellent,Designed for burning mosquito coil safely and conveniently

  • Keep those pests away with the help of the mosquito coil holder
  • brilliant color and birdcage/ circus shape makes it so attractive.Portable burner/holder for mosquito repellent coils.

  • This mosquito coil holder is made of premium steel with spraying treatment,The surface is treated with anti-rust to extend the service life and be more durable. 

  • The mosquito coil can be supported by a small bracket in the middle,the bottom of the non-slip pad can reduce bottom wear and not easy to slide.
  • Dimension : birdcage:20.5cm*12.8cm/ 8inch*5inch;does not take up much space