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Kindergarten Wooden 3D Puzzles 16 re

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Children can learn to cooperate with each other, find solutions to problems, improve their cognition and hand-eye coordination skills by completing puzzles with family and friends. Meanwhile, parents can further cultivate their relationship with their children in this process. Let's enjoy the fun of the wooden puzzle.

Why buy “Kindergarten Wooden 3D Puzzles”?

✅   It is safe even if your baby puts it in his mouth

✅  Develop parent-child interaction and communication skills to bond with each other.

✅  Stimulate children's interest in understanding and learning about the world


Different Shapes with Bright Colors

This wooden puzzle comes in 8 different shapes with bright colors, including yellow duck, frog, dog, monkey, lion, giraffe, cow, turtle. Each puzzle is so brilliant that it is very easy to attract your little one's attention and very ideal for cognitive learning.

Large and Durable Part

It is made of environmentally friendly solid wood, this wooden puzzle is so durable that your little one can enjoy it for a long time. Each part of this wooden puzzle is sized appropriately for little fingers to grasp and large enough to prevent puzzles from swallowing.

Great educational toy for kids

This wooden animal puzzle is great for cognitive learning. It can help with many skills, including hand-eye coordination, early math skills, and problem-solving. Also, you can practice with your little one on colored shapes and parts of the animal's body.