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Car Rearview Mirror Rain Eyebrow (2 PCS)

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About This Item:

  • Safe Driving: Heavy rain and heavy snow will blur the rearview mirror and make it difficult to see the road conditions, making driving very dangerous. Installing rain eyebrows can effectively block the interference of rain and snow, provide a clear vision, and improve the safety of driving on rainy days.

  • Provide Protection: It can protect the rearview mirror of the car, can effectively prevent the rearview mirror from being scratched, and block the sunlight, reduce direct sunlight, protect the rearview mirror, and also improve driving safety.
  • Easy installation: Just peel off the protective layer in the Mirror Protector Cover back, stick the Cover and press for 1 minute. At least 24 hours later, it can touch with the water.

  • Avoid Damage: No nails, no drilling ,no holes. You can stick it on the position of rearview mirror.
  • It includes 3M adhesive for a firmly stick and won't leave any marks when removing it.
  • Car rearview mirror waterproof Cover is an innovation that can solve the trouble of not being able to clearly see the rearview mirror on rainy, ensuring the safety of driving in rainy days.


  • Material: PVC 
  • Size: 180*58*30 (mm) 
  • Applicable models: versatility