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Baby Shower Cap

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Protects Baby's Eyes and Ear from water and foam while shampooing their hair. Let the bathing time be without worry.

Baby Shampoo Cap and Sprinkler Rinse is a very innovative design of shower cap and sprinkler rinse that prevents soap and water from entering your babies eyes, while you soap and shampoo their hair.

Multi Purpose Use: The baby shower cap can be used for babies when they take a bath and as a hat during hot summer days in the beach. The Sprinkler rinse can be used as a fun shower pale and toothbrush holder as well. 

Fun and Exciting way of Bathing using this Sprinkler Rinse.

Quality and Useful Baby Bathing Set: Grab these two baby essentials set for a fun and easy bathing experience for your little ones. You can also save a lot when you buy the set.

No more Baby Crying While Bathing with this Shower Cap.

Great for Both Boys and Girls: Baby Shampoo Cap and Sprinkler Rinse are available on two of the most popular colors for boys and girls (Blue and Pink). Every bath time is a fun bonding time for you and your babies.