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Anti-gravity finger surfboard

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The anti-gravity finger surfboard is a perfect gift for kids of any age. They are so much fun! Use them on road trips when you are staying safe and not flying.

Carve, shred or surf the air currents out of a car window. Surf it side to side, up down, twisting, one finger or two. You can even do board flicks and spins and the same tricks you do on the waves, snow, or skatepark.

The wind pushes the board against your fingers and lets you defy gravity as you weave your way through the world during the car ride. These finger surfers make any car ride fun, even just the ride to school.

The leather wrist strap leash keeps your board safe from falling and the clear skateboard grip tape makes it comfortable and easy to use. It sticks to your fingers and gives you feedback on the angles that you fly at. It’s size makes it feel natural for your fingers but still is big enough to catch the air. Small enough to put it in your pocket or in the glove box of your car.

Learn cool tricks and stunts as you imagine being on the big waves or huge mountains.

Kids and adults alike love these! (But please don’t use while you are driving - eyes on the road!, and please be careful of obstacles out the window while air surfing).

4 different color patterns of boards available. A mix will be sent if you order more than one. Or let us know what color you want!

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Surf’s up!